LegalShield An Affordable Legal Alternative

LegalShield An Affordable Legal Alternative


LegalShield An Affordable Legal Alternative

Hiring a lawyer can be awfully expensive and can quickly drain your bank account. Their hourly rates can be in the hundreds of dollars. Luckily, there is an alternative to paying these extremely high rates. Today, you are going to learn how LegalShield can provide you with legal services for a fraction of the price.

What Is LegalShield and How Does It Work

LegalShield is a service that offers legal help to those on a budget. LegalShield is a game-changer in the legal industry and has been helping people just like you for more than 50 years.

When it comes to legal services, LegalShield does things a little differently. Instead of paying an attorney an hourly rate, with LegalShield you pay a small membership fee each month. Think of this membership as an insurance policy that will protect you if you need legal help.

Who Is LegalShield for?

LegalShield is for anyone looking for affordable legal protection. This award-winning company has helped thousands of people with their legal issues. This service is perfect for those who are on a budget but still want peace of mind knowing they are legally protected.

As a member of LegalShield, you will have access to legal services whenever you need them. Depending on your particular needs, you will choose between several different membership types. Below is a list of memberships that LegalShield offers.

LegalShield Legal Plans for Everyone

LegalShield always has you covered no matter what your legal needs are. They have developed special membership plans that cover different legal situations.

  •   Family and Individual Plans: The LegalShield family plan protects you and your loved ones for one small monthly fee. This membership plan will provide you with legal services including advice, court representation, and more.
  •       Business Plan: If you operate a business, you will greatly benefit from the LegalShield business plan. This plan will protect your business assets and provide you with a wide range of legal document services.

The Benefits of a LegalShield Personal Plan

There are many benefits to joining LegalShield membership plans. To learn more about these benefits, please check out the helpful information below.

  •       Quick Access to Legal Services: You will never have to worry about searching high and low for legal advice. LegalShield provides its members with a toll-free phone number that will direct them to the right attorney.
  •     It is Available in Both America and Canada: LegalShield has a large network of legal professionals to meet your needs. They provide legal services in both America and Canada for your convenience.
  •       Unlimited Questions: If you have a ton of legal questions, don’t worry because LegalShield has you covered. You can ask an unlimited number of legal questions when you talk to one of their lawyers.
  •         Review Contracts at Any Time: If you need to review a contract, simply call the toll-free number and an attorney will get back to you in 4-hours or less.
  •         Writing Letters on Your Behalf: If you need to grab the attention of someone, a letter from a lawyer will get the job done. With a LegalShield membership, you can have your attorney write a letter on your behalf for no extra charge.
  •         Your Family Plan Covers Everyone: If you sign up for a LegalShield membership, each member of your family is covered at no extra cost.
  •   You Can Cancel at Any Time: If you are not happy with your membership, you can cancel at any time. You won’t be charged a penalty for canceling and you can come back anytime.

My Experience with LegalShield

Originally, I signed up for LegalShield membership in 2010 to have a few real estate documents reviewed. However, I decided to keep my membership because I simply love their services! I am very pleased with this company and I feel you will be too.

As you learned above, there are many benefits to joining LegalShield. Not only will it save you money, but you will also have access to legal services 24 hours a day. The lawyers and other legal staff that work with LegalShield are some of the best.

This company has spent years building a network of legal experts that are dedicated to helping their clients. So, if you are seeking legal services, you should consider one of the memberships we mentioned above. 

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